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Mireia Ruiz- Cocolia

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Mireia Ruiz, 1983, Barcelona. Graphic designer, she studied at the BAU design school in Barcelona. After joining DGestudio, in 2008, she joined Cocolia, where she headed the Art Direction. Today, together with Raúl Ramos, they lead the studio in harmony and with creative freedom.

She currently teaches "Experimental Projects and Creativity," at the IDEP School, in Fashion, Graphic and Photography master studies.

She combines her profession of graphic designer with her most artistic side in different artistic and creative projects she takes part in.

How would you define your work?

I am Mireia Ruiz (aka @mireiaysuscosas), born in Barcelona. ​I am part of the creative studio Cocolia. I love painting and art in general. I would spend the whole day painting if possible. From balls, vases, t-shirts, chairs, I’ve even painted brushes. I combine this artistic need with my profession as a graphic designer, and in creative, photographic, or set design projects. Working many hours on the computer makes me need to work with my hands, so I spend any break I have relaxing with the brushes and the colours.


Who do you consider a role model or what do you use as a source of inspiration?

I like to think about female artistic role models, colour-oriented and with strong personalities. Such as the designer Iris Apfel, or the poet Etel Adnan, or the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. I need role models to which I can relate as a woman and as a creative being. And my contemporaries, very talented and with great works, are also a part of that scenario, such as: Coco Dávez, Mercedes Bellido, Vega Hernando, Krizia Robustella, or Miranda Makaroff... and many more that fill me with energy!

As for what I use as an inspiration, I would say the Memphis movement, very eighties, a colourful time I truly enjoyed as a child. But also everyday things, like going to the second-hand markets and buying things that help me imagine new objects just by only adding a coat of paint.


Which materials do you regularly use in your work?

My most important works are acrylic on canvas, and the other half are with paperboard, also altered with acrylics or adhesives. The latter allows me to quickly make compositions using spot colours, and I get proper finishes that I then take to the canvas. I would say that paperboard works are kind of trials for when I do not have time for painting.

On the other hand, as I said, I like to give a second life to whatever I can find, and I use specific paints for wood or ceramics. I have even dared to paint clothes... I love it!


What do you expect from the paint?

I ask for nothing, paint is magic! It makes things or ideas become new objects! Painting has always made me happy, and it continues to do. It is a part of my everyday life, and it is what makes me happy.


What is a must in your colour palette?

All colours may be present in my palette, but I am a big fan of RED, and I would also need a Cobalt Blue... as well as a pastels line for contrasts, like an apple green or a peach (light salmon). But also black and ochre…







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