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José A. Roda

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José Antonio Roda, Catalan based in Madrid, is an illustrator, has a degree in Audio-visual Communication, and has also graduated in Graphic Design. He draws his inspiration from photographs, colours, and song lyrics and, thus, he manages to redesign everyday objects that eventually become small pieces of art.


How would you define your work?

I always say that my work reflects my personality. My drawings are simple, honest, friendly, without great pretensions, and childish.


Who do you consider a role model or what do you use as a source of inspiration?

I have many role models. There are many people whose work I greatly admire and would love to be like them. Eduardo Arroyo, Mariscal, Leger, José Pérez Ocaña, the Bauhaus, Haring, Alex Katz, Maruja Mayo, Miller Goodman, Saul Steinberg, Malevich, Girard, Hockney, and many others. And I also have role models from other disciplines, of course. If we talk about inspiration, I would tell you that practically anything that has colours and shapes is likely to inspire me. I am very visual in that sense.


Which materials do you regularly use in your work?

I like to keep on changing the materials, the technique, and the aids, although most of my work is done with acrylics and paperboard.


What do you expect from the paint?

To have consistency and character. I like big colour spots, plastic materials, striking works of art, so I ask strength and light from it.


What is a must in your colour palette?

This is the easiest questions of them all. Red, blue, yellow, green, white, and black. I can manage to work with less, and it's harder for me to work if I have more.


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