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Javier de la Riba

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Javier de Riba


Catalan creative artist and designer from Barcelona. He is a part of the Reskate Arts & Crafts group, with which he develops graphic and communication projects linked to sustainability and humane treatment. For his part, his concern leads him to question his personal style in each project and to put it at the service of communication. Each piece demands its own aesthetic, and he ventures to try out new techniques and styles. A constant struggle against tics in favour of versatility.

He seeks to question the value of objects and spaces through his interventions in public spaces. He proposes a change of skin that alters perceptions. The Varnish project, where he intervenes woods found in the street using varnish, and Floors, an intervention project involving floors in abandoned locations, are among his most outstanding projects.


1. How would you define your work?


It is a constant pursuit of style. In each project I focus on how to approach aesthetics to better reinforce the idea. So I am doomed to define my work as undefined.


2. Who do you consider a role model or what do you use as a source of inspiration?


I have many role models. And, as I say, there is a different one for each project. Meeting other artists and seeing how they face their challenges is what inspires me the most. Of course, inspiration has to be worked on.


3. Which materials do you regularly use in your work?


With the Floors project (painting floors in abandoned locations) I usually work with spray, for the Varnish project (varnishing wood collected from the streets) I use varnish, of course. For mural painting I usually work with plastic paint, and I use acrylic paint for painting on canvas. I put the materials at the service of the idea. I think choosing the middle ground is very important.


4. What do you expect from the paint?


Usually, that it offers good coverage. With spray, for example, the fact that they dry fast helps me a lot, although paint with drying retardant is something that I sometimes need. That will be decided depending on the project. There are many types of paints, and each offers different paths to express yourself, I really like that.


5. What is a must in your colour palette?


I have a tendency towards turquoise blues and reds, although I often try to let myself go to get rid of my own common places.


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