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Fabric Fluorescent Paints

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TEXTIL OPAQUE- Fabric Fluorescent Paints

Water-based paint specially designed for painting on cloth of any color, with optimum viscosity grade, extensibility and flexibility. Bright colors, mixable with one another. Ideal if you want to use stamping techniques. You can paint any fabric, even synthetic materials.

To highlight the lightness and transparency of fluorescent colors, we recommend applying on a white or half shade. Light it up applying black light.

Wash the fabric to remove the sizing; once painted and after 24 hours, iron the reverse side without steam for 5 minutes, then iron the painted side to fix the design, using a clean cloth to protect it.

After completing the decor, wait at least 48 hours before the first wash. Correctly set the colors resist washed up to 40 ° C.

4 fluorescent colors range

  • APPLICATION: Paintbrush, roller, spray gun, airbrush or printing techniques.
  • SURFACES:  Any fabric including synthetic materials.
  • THINNER: Water.
  • DRYING TIME: 60 mins.
  • REMOVE WITH:  Soap and water.
  • CONTAINERS: 35 ml.






The high quality of our products makes them ideal for any art project.

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