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Ricardo Cavolo

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Ricardo Cavolo (Salamanca, 1982) is one of the most internationally known Spanish artists.


He has exhibited in various galleries in Madrid, London, New York, Montreal, Porto, Milan.

He has also worked in several advertising campaigns and for brands such as Zara, Alexander McQueen, Nike, Converse, Coca Cola, or Levi's, as well as several album covers. As an illustrator, he has published several books and a graphic novel with publishers such as Nobrow (UK), Lunwerg (Spain), SM (Spain), Two Dollars Radio (USA), Límina (Italy), or Madriguera (Peru).

Ricardo has participated with his murals in diverse festivals like Mural (Canada), Glastonbury Festival (UK), Cut Out Fest (Mexico), or Mulafest (Spain), as well as in a collaboration with FC Barcelona, and created murals in Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris, Moscow Cologne, Montreal, Mexico City, Hong Kong...


How would you define your work?

Defining your own work is complicated. I would say that it is a mixture of simple lines, with a lot of symbolism and a palette of intense and clean colours.


Who do you consider a role model or what do you use as a source of inspiration?

What inspires me the most in my work is that which is different, away from the norm or the standard. And the social struggle is something that has lately become increasingly more present in my work.


Which materials do you regularly use in your work?

I usually use inks with a brush when working on paper. And when I work on wood or canvas, I always use acrylics.


What do you expect from the paint?

To have powerful colours. My colour palette is very well defined with basic, bright, and powerful colours, so I need acrylics to give me that.


What is a must in your colour palette?

I always work on the basis of five or six colours, and I get the mixtures I need from them.


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