La Pajarita

Maria Herreros

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María Herreros (Valencia, 1983), artist based in Barcelona from where she develops her work for the rest of the world. With projects ranging from press, advertising campaigns, murals, fashion, books, and personal work, he tries to express the most instinctive of the human being, based on a characteristic style that dances between the grotesque and the beautiful.


1.-How would you define your work?

Nervous, empathetic, and honest.


2.-Who do you consider a role model or what do you use as a source of inspiration?

Music, photography, video clips, and cinema, above all. The frames are my visual reference.


3.-Which materials do you regularly use in your work?

Watercolour and graphite for drawing, sometimes ink. Acrylic and sometimes oil paints for painting.


4.-What do you expect from the paint?

That the colours merge smoothly. I like to mix them within the work itself. I want them to offer a good texture and strength. I usually use plain colours.


5.-What is a must in your colour palette?

A good base skin-tone colour. I like to get nuances of all other colours. I rarely leave a colour as is, because I like to mix them all up in a greyish hue.


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4.-¿Qué le pides a la pintura?

Que los colores se fundan muy bien, me gusta mezclarlos en la propia obra, una buena textura y solidez. Soy más de color plano.

5.-En tu paleta de color, ¿qué resulta imprescindible?

Un buen color piel base. Todos los demás, los matizo mucho. Raramente dejo un color tal como viene, porque me gusta impregnarlos todos de un matiz grisáceo.

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