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Coco Dávez

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Coco Dávez (Madrid, 1989) began her artistic career in London in 2010, when she started to collaborate as an illustrator for the "El Mundo" newspaper. Since then, she has collaborated with media such as SModa, Cinemanía, Vanidad, Volskrant (Netherlands), Mala Magazine (Chile), and Han Han (France). She has also created sets, displays, murals, and multiple actions with brands (DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Ailanto, Malababa, Bimba y Lola, El Ganso, Sisley, Opel, Primark, Absolut Vodka, Ron Barceló, Bankinter, among others). She has also exhibited her works in cities such as Paris, Brussels, Lisbon, Santiago de Chile, Madrid, or Barcelona, among others.

She will publish her first book in 2018, thanks to Lunwerg (Planeta).


1.-How would you define your work?

I would define it as a colourist figurative work with a hint of pop.


2. Who do you consider a role model or what do you use as a source of inspiration?

Although not essentially pictorial role models, I consider artists like Picasso, Hockney, Matisse, Klein as role models... What inspires me the most in the world are people, whether I know them or not, real or not; there are many characters from movies and books that inspire me just like someone real.


3. Which materials do you regularly use in your work?



4. What do you expect from the paint?

To have enough pigmentation, to last, to offer colours that do not excessively change when dry...


5. What is a must in your colour palette?

Cadmium reds, cobalt blue, mimosa yellow, and turquoise pastel.


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