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Customize your space with Chalk Paint

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With the new range of Chalk Paint products from La Pajarita,including paint, spray paint, and markers, you’ll get extraordinary results from your decorative and DIY projects in a simple and easy way. All products are water-based, so they are completely safe and odourless. Decorate, restore, and give newl ife to all kinds of furniture and objects, adding a unique style and your personal touch to them.

Chalk Paint Spray for applying Chalk Paint on difficult and complicatedsurfaces in a comfortable and easy way, with no primerneeded. 16 decorative colours available

CHALK PAINT available in 43 colours and 3 sizes for decorating,restoring furniture, and all kinds of objects without primer,with high coverage and yield. Ultramatte chalk finish.

Chalk Paint Marker. Personalize your designs by adding details with the 16 Chalk Paint Marker colours. A collection of water-based markers perfect for combining with the spray and paint.























































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