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New Chalk Paint colours, inspiration

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Introducing our range of 8 new Chalk Paint colours. Now, no one will have an excuse for not painting. These new colours increase the chromatic range of Chalk Paint, creating new decorating possibilities that are completely in fashion. We share with you the 8 new inspirational colours so that you can get a close look at the personality of each one.


New tone in the range of whites that will bring light to spaces and enable you to decorate in the latest Nordic trends.

Apple Green anticipates the greenery trend, keeping the pure essence of Chalk. Chosen by our public as the favourite colour for the new season.

lapajarita_chalkpaint_nudeThe new nude neutral tone was a must-have among our ultra-matt range, perfect for application on large surfaces or to make decorative flourishes


There is nothing more inspiring than a sunset, so now Chalk Paint has an intermediate tone which complements our warmer colours.

lapajarita_chalkpaint_pacificislandInspired by mineral tones, the new Pacific Island turns objects and spaces which would normally go unnoticed into gems within your home.


A new grey, essential for your palette of neutral colours. We were able to obtain a warm grey that conveys peace, softness, and balance.

lapajarita_chalkpaint_toffeeToffee, the new protagonist within the range of browns and earth coloured tones, is now available for the most classically-minded when they want to renovate the image of furniture and decorative details in the house

lapajarita_chalkpaint_aubergineAubergine is one of the most intense colours of the range. A colour fashion victims can put on large areas and bringing personality and style to the smallest of objects.


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