La Pajarita

Graziano Pastori

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  • To which Artistic Movement do you identify yourself?

[...] My artistic inspiration born in me during the 50’s in the United States, just after seeing the protagonists of the Abstract Expressionism. I am particularly interested and influenced by renowned artists such as Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline, Robert Motherwell, Sam Francis, Robert Rauschenberg and Joan Mitchell, and I have a special admiration for the Spanish artist Antoni Tapies.

I believe that make art is not make a copy,  it is make an own art.

Consciousness, thought, art, everything exists and takes shape if we lose progressively the control with the objective world.

The work of an artist is not just  making a painting, is to document the passage in the short history of the human condition. So, art is simply the diary of a generation during the time of its life.

Nothing is more abstract and bigger than the soul.

  • How do you start the creative process?

I have no precise rules to begin the creative process, I look at the canvas and I start painting with precise and fast gestures, without forgetting that the paint has to be personal and liberatory.

  • Which materials do you usually use to create your paintings?

A parte de haber descubierto e utilizar las pinturas vinilicas de La Pajarita, utilizo también materiales pobres, como viejos periodicos, arena, cemento, trozos de carteles publicitarios, sacos de rafia, etc., siempre con retoques pictoricos mirados.

Apart from La Pajarita vinyl paints, I am also using  poor materials, like old newspapers, sand, cement, pieces of billboards, raffia bags, etc., always with pictorial touches.

  • Why do you choose La Pajarita paints?

I choose your colors because are fluids and transparent, especially your yellows and carmines when mixed with other colors during the superposition process.




Tutto il resto era nulla/ Everything else is nothing


Tutto il resto era nulla/ Everything else is nothing

2012, Vynil Paint on Canvas, 100x 90 cm


Dove terra, cielo, si confondono/ Where land, sky, become confused


Dove terra, cielo, si confondono/ Where land, sky, become confused

2012, Vynil Paint on Canvas, 100x100 cm





2011, Polimateric materials on canvas, 70 x 100 cm


Danza Spagnola/ Spanish Dance


Danza Spagnola/ Spanish Dance

2011, Vynil Paint on Canvas, 100x90 cm


Raggio di sole/ Sunbeam


Raggio di sole/ Sunbeam

2011, Vynil Paint on Canvas, 100x100cm


Il giorno che verrá


Il giorno che verrá / The day will come

2011, Vynil Paint on Canvas, 100x100cm







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