La Pajarita

Marta Gómez-Lechón

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  • To which Artistic Movement do you identify yourself?

I identify myself with artists such as Egon Schiele, with avant-garde artists as Amedeo Modigliani, Derain, Matisse, Dufy ... and also with the abstract art of the first decade of the 20th century: Paul Klee, Malevich, etc..

I like the warm color paintings, blurred and with a personal touch.

  • How do you start the creative process?

My artistic inspiration comes from my childhood, I've always liked the visual arts, my mother painted, and without realizing it, it was clear that I wanted to dedicate myself to this and I decided to get a degree in Fine Arts. My dedication began then and up to now.

  • Which materials do you usually use to create your paintings?

In my paintings I usually start with a base of linseed oil where I put layers of pigments with the Spanish White. Once it dries, I’m painting with vinyl mat paints, fluorescent and metallic paints ...and I’m finishing with the water-based varnish.

  • Why do you choose La Pajarita paints?

After 20 years painting, I have never found a better paint than La Pajarita. Its texture is smooth, covers perfectly and has a wide range of colors; I can always get the textures I’m looking for because it has many other products.





Vynil and fluorescent paint. Finished with Water-based varnish.


Somos Angeles/ We are Angels

Vynil and fluorescent paint. Water-based varnish.


Petanca I/ Boules

Vynil and Metallized Paint.


Santa María Novela, Florencia/Santa Maria Novella, Florence


La Primavera/ The Spring


El Dibujo de Clara/ Clara’s Drawing

Vynil and fluorescent paint. Finished with Water-based varnish.



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