La Pajarita

Juan Olivares

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What is the artistic movement you relate to the most?

Abstract expressionism, post-pictorial abstraction, and postmodern painting.


How does your creative process begin?

In my case, with a stimulus that prompts me to paint, which can be revealed at any given moment, you just have to be awake, and have a hungry, sensitive and permeable eye. In this sense, painting is very close to what is happening, with the permanent flow of things. At that moment I work directly on the canvas or the paper in a spontaneous and direct manner, without a sketch or previous study.


Which materials do you regularly use in your work?

I use several materials, mainly La Pajarita acrylic paints, enamels and oils.


Why did you choose La Pajarita?

For its elasticity and coverage. It also makes it possible to make glazes by greatly diluting the paint without losing the luminosity of the colour.



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