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Fashion Textil Spray Fabric Spray Paint

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Permanent water-based fabric spray paint, quick drying.Very easy to use on all types of clothing and accessories by applying directly to the material.

With a light texture, the material is left with great softness to the touch. It is preferable for use on light coloured fabrics.

For use on dark coloured fabrics, first apply a layer of WHITE COCO as this has high coverage.

The metallics can be applied on both light and dark fabrics, producing pretty sparkles.

These spray paints and the La Pajarita stencils are the perfect kit for personalising your clothes and accessories.

Recommendations for use:

  • Always test before the product for best results.
  • Prewash fabric´if it is new, do not use fabric softener . Let it dry and start the project!
  • Place a cardboard between layers of fabric to prevent paint from seeping through.
  • Shake well the bottle before using it
  • Spray first out of the surface to test and clean the nozzle.
  • Pressing pump halfway will produce a splatter effect. A full pump produces a spray mist.
  • Let dry at least 4 hours.
  • Set in the oven at 150ºC for 8 minutes or with the iron for 5 minutes without steam. Always iron on the opposite side of the drawing.
  • Fabrics can be washed (turn inside out) after 72 hours at 40ºC or dry cleaned.
  • For best results, clean nozzle in warm water before storing.








The high quality of our products makes them ideal for any art project.

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