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Join us on a tour of all the departments in our very own “Colours Factory” so you can get an insight into the way we do things.



The first department we’ll visit is Purchasing and Raw Materials:

This is where we choose our suppliers who, as you would expect, comply with stringent quality standards. We ensure that our products are always made with the finest raw materials available on the market and are hard-wearing, excellent quality and environmentally friendly.


We leave Purchasing and Raw Materials to go to Manufacturing and Packaging:

Here we make and pack our products in a process carried out entirely in our facility, thus ensuring direct control of quality. Our experience enables us to continue using some traditional manufacturing processes that enhance product quality yet also combine them with the new technologies needed to improve other quality aspects, speed up production and expedite delivery.



Let’s now move on to our Laboratory and Quality Department:

In this department we carefully check the raw materials we use and the quality of our final product. This is also where we ensure La Pajarita product users are provided with all the necessary guarantees and that our customers can trust our products by double-checking that our formulations and compositions comply with current regulations and standards such as REACH and EN71.

In addition our R&D staff are continuously researching new materials and reformulations to further improve our products, enable new uses and develop completely new products.



Next we’d like turn to our warehouse, stocks, shipping and logistics. To do this, let’s call in at our Dispatch and Production Departments which work together to ensure complete control of both our stock and customer order delivery times. The two departments use the same lean manufacturing system that comes from the Japanese manufacturing industry. Let’s take a look at our Customer Service Department where we have implemented this system as well. Here we monitor service quality and handle any complaints promptly to ensure continuous improvement in our processes and customer service.


Before we finish our tour, we’d like to stress that here at La Pajarita we are environmentally responsible and passionate about sustainability. Among other things, we work closely with the “green dot” for final recycling of our packaging. We also have unused raw materials and production waste destroyed by approved waste recycling suppliers so as to have the least possible impact on the environment.



Now we’ve finished the tour, it just remains to say that we are a great team and we always seek to work with professionals of the highest calibre and personal integrity in a friendly and honest way. We believe that our company is like a big family which includes our customers. This commitment to continuity and loyalty means we always have our long-term relations with our employees, customers and suppliers in mind.

This is where our “Colours Factory” tour comes to an end. Thanks for visiting us and finding out how we do things here at La Pajarita.

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