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Chroma Fluor

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Fluorescent acrylic colours for the Fine Arts, high concentration of pure pigments, up to four timesbrighter than regular colours. No contents are used that provide coverage, in order to preservethe purity of the pigments. Clean and transparent colour schemes, they light up with black light,enhancing their effect. Very adherent on any artistic medium. Can be mixed with one another andwith any paint or acrylic medium. Can be used directly or diluted with water. Permanent once dry.Quick drying.


  • APPLICATION: Brush, roller, spray gun or airbrush.
  • SURFACES: Canvas, wood, paper, cardboard, plaster, stone, cement, etc.
  • THINNER: Water.
  • DRYING: 30-40 min.
  • CLEANING: Soap and water.
  • CONTAINERS: 200 ml.




    The high quality of our products makes them ideal for any art project.

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