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Foto Transfer in Canvas

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Water-based product for transferring printed images onto all types of surfaces: canvas, wood, ceramics, metal, fabric, glass, etc. Glossy and transparent finish.

Foto Transfer


1. Print or photocopy the selected image onto plain or fine paper with a laser printer and cut it to the size of the support. Apply the product with a soft brush and distribute it evenly and generously.


2. Place the image on the lid of the box and press gently so that it is stuck on well in a uniform manner.


3. When the paper is completely dry (several hours), wet it in such a way that it is well soaked. You can continue wetting it later if you need more moisture.

4. Remove the wet paper, rubbing with your fingers or with a sponge. As you remove the paper, the image will appear attached to the wood.


5. Once the image is dry and free of any leftover paper, set by adding another coat of Foto Transfer product to eliminate the whitish effect. If you wish, you can varnish it to give a more glossy or matt finish.


For an optimal result, it is recommended that you paint an edge around the image transferred to the canvas as a frame. If you use masking tape, the line will be perfectly straight.


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