La Pajarita

Mix Flakes

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Decorative flakes which are perfect for making collages and simple handicrafts. The single colour flakes come in bright colours for fun decorations. The mixed colour flakes look like stone and the glitter flakes are ideal for a sparkling effect.

Apply a coat of La Pajarita Transparent Glue to any surface. While damp, sprinkle the flakes abundantly, and press them down to ensure that a greater amount stick. Once dry, remove the loose flakes and apply a coat of La Pajarita Finishing Varnish with a thick brush.


  • APPLICATION: Shake them directly out of the container or mix them with Finishing  Varnish or Relief Primer.
  • SURFACES: Wood, cardboard, stone, glass, stone, metal…
  • CONTAINERS: 175ml.





The high quality of our products makes them ideal for any art project.

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