La Pajarita


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Transparent water-based paint which can be used on glass, plastic, mirrors, china, and other non-porous surfaces. Apply directly from the tube onto a sheet of plastic. A drawing can be placed underneath for tracing.

First, draw the outline and then wait 2 hours before filling in the spaces using a good quantity of paint. The finished painting can be peeled off the plastic after 24 hours and then stuck onto the chosen surface. Do not shake this product before use as this may cause bubbles to form. Fluorescent Windows paint glows in the dark after being exposed to sunlight.

This product will not peel off paper or cardboard but can be used to achieve attractive relief work on these materials.


  • APPLICATION: Directly from the tube
  • THINNER: Water
  • DRYING TIME: 24 hours
  • REMOVE WITH: Soap and water
  • TUBE: 75 ml.




The high quality of our products makes them ideal for any art project.

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