La Pajarita

Metal Paint

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Bright paint leaving a shiny metallic effect. Easy to apply and fast drying due to its alcohol based composition. Good coverage and rich color thanks to its formula of metallic pigments. An old look is produced using La Pajarita Judea  Polish or wax polish without losing the metallic look.


  • APPLICATION: Paintbrush, brush, roller, gun or airbrush.
  • SURFACES: Wood, cardboard, plaster, stone, metal, resin…..
  • THINNER: La Pajarita Dye Thinner, alcohol or acetone.
  • DRYING: 10 min.
  • CLEANING: La Pajarita Dye Thinner.
  • CONTAINERS: 50 ml., 250 ml.





The high quality of our products makes them ideal for any art project.

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