La Pajarita

Metallic Paint

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Water-based plastic paint made with high quality pearl pigments to create a special metallic finish. Can be applied on different materials to obtain a beautiful special finish. All colours can be mixed easily and thinned with water. To increase the metallic effect, apply a first coat of La Pajarita Satin Paint or Super Acrylic Paint in the correct colour.

We recommend a coat of La Pajarita Sealer Varnish first on porous surfaces. On iron, a first coat of La Pajarita Metal Base should be applied. We recommend a final coat of La Pajarita Finish Varnish for protection.

Paints can be applied directly to paper, card, wood, papier maché, etc. using a paintbrush or roller.



  • APPLICATION: Paintbrush, brush, roller, gun or airbrush.
  • SURFACES: Canvas, wood, paper, cardboard, plaster, stone, cement, stucco, marble…..
  • THINNER: Water.
  • DRYING: 20-30 min.
  • CLEANING: Water and soap.
  • CONTAINERS: 35 ml., 75 ml., 375 ml.




The high quality of our products makes them ideal for any art project.

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