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Fabric Paint

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High quality, easily spreadable, water-based product for painting fabrics. This highly fluid paint filters almost completely into the fabric to obtain a natural flexible finish. Comes in a wide range of colours which mix easily. Ideal for printing techniques.

When painting on very dark colours, apply a base coat of white Fabric Saint first. Wash fabric to allow for shrinkage. Iron on reverse for 5 minutes without steam 24 hours after painting, then turn right side out. Protect the design with a clean cloth.

Allow 48 hours before washing. The colours can be washed at a maximum of 40ºC, or can be dry cleaned. Apply directly onto any fabric using a paintbrush.


  • APPLICATION: Paintbrush, roller, spray gun, airbrush or printing techniques.
  • SURFACES:  Any fabric including synthetic materials.
  • THINNER: Water.
  • DRYING TIME: 60 mins.
  • REMOVE WITH:  Soap and water.
  • CONTAINERS: 25 ml., 250 ml.





The high quality of our products makes them ideal for any art project.

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