La Pajarita

Fluorescent Paint

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Water-based plastic paint in intense colours with a luminous effect up to 4 times that of ordinary colours. Perfect for low lighting when other paints lose colour. Clean, transparent shades. Several coats are necessary to obtain completely even surfaces.

All colours can be mixed easily. We recommend using a coat of La Pajarita Sealer Varnish first on porous surfaces. On iron, a first coat of La Pajarita Metal Base should be applied. We recommend a final coat of La Pajarita Finish Varnish for protection. Paints can be applied directly to paper, card, wood, papier maché, etc. using a paintbrush or roller.


  • APPLICATION: Paintbrush, brush, roller, gun or airbrush.
  • SURFACES: Canvas, wood, paper, cardboard, plaster, stone, papier maché…
  • THINNER: Water.
  • DRYING: 30-40 min.
  • CLEANING: Water and soap.
  • CONTAINERS: 35ml., 75ml., 375ml.





The high quality of our products makes them ideal for any art project.

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