La Pajarita

Wooden box decorated with fluor paints

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  • Pore filler Varnish La Pajarita
  • Sandpaper
  • Brush
  • Vinyl Studio paint La Pajarita white color
  • Fluorescent acrylic La Pajarita
  • Scotch paper
  • Vinyl Studio paint La Pajarita
  • Transparent white glue La Pajarita
  • Glossy acrylic Varnish La Pajarita
  • Music Scores



  1. Cover the box with a first coat of varnish to fill the pores in the wood.paso 1
  2. Gently use a sheet of sandpaper over the box in order to make the surface soft and smooth.paso 2
  3. Use a soft paintbrush for the first coating of white Vinyl Studio paint.paso 3
  4. Paint the edges of the box with pink Fluorescent Paint.paso 4
  5. Stick the adhesive paper tape (masking tape) by forming parallel stripes of varying thickness.paso 5
  6. Paint over the wooden strips where there is no adhesive tape with Vinyl Studio paint, by brushing from the edge towards the centre. Two coatings are recommended.paso 6
  7. Remove all adhesive paper tape and stick the strips of music scores onto the colourless stripes.paso 7
  8. Once the glue and paint have dried well, apply a coat of Varnish to finish off and protect the work.

paso 8


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