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Summer bag

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  • Fabric paint designed for use on any textile garment.
  • Special transferable Manila paper sheet.
  • Transferable pencil or tracing paper.
  • White cotton bag with long straps.
  • Paintbrush.




1. Choose your pattern and trace it onto Manila paper, turn it around and go over it several times on the back with the transferable pencil.

step 1

2. Place your paper with the side of the pattern that was repeatedly gone over with the pencil directly on the fabric, so that the pattern starts from the right side. Iron it, without steam, in order to transfer the picture.

step 2

3. Place a piece of cardboard inside the bag, so that the painting does not stain the back.

step 3

4. Colour in your pattern and let it dry for 12 hours.

step 4

5. Use cork, potatoes, jar bottoms etc. to make prints on the bag.

step 5

6. Iron the bag inside out, without steam, in order to fix the colours.  You will be able to wash the bag in cold water.

step 6

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