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Finish Glass Project

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  • 1 painted canvas on a tablex board or other material (canvas, cardboard, pvc…)
  • Adhesive paper tape (bodywork)
  • 1 La Pajarita Kit Finish Glass
  • La Pajarita Finish Glass Thinner
  • Spatula
  • Paintbrush or stick
  • Sandpaper
  • A container with a base and smooth sides



1. Stick the adhesive paper tape (masking tape) around the canvas, without sticking down the edge of the tape, which is on the side of the painting, while sticking down as much as possible thetape on the back of the canvas. Go over it twice with the tape.

paso 1

2. Use a container to measure two parts of resin or Component A and add 1 part of hardener or Component B.

paso 2

3. Mix the two components by stirring them well for a couple of minutes.  You should use a spatula and the container should have a base and smooth sides.  Once the mixture is homogenous, we recommend you put it in a clean container so as to make sure there is no product left to be mixed.

paso 3

4. Carefully pour the finish glass mixture over the surface of the canvas. The adhesive tape acts like a barrier so that the product does not spill over the edges, and it helps to create a thick layer.

paso 4

5. Use a spatula to spread the product towards all corners until it touches the adhesive tape.

paso 5

6. During the first minutes, a stick can be used to remove the bubbles that may remain.  Within a few minutes the finish glass mixture will become levelled.

paso 6

7. Leave it to dry for 48 to 72 hours, depending on the thickness of the layer and the room temperature. Do not touch the canvas otherwise the mixture will spoil. It can also be covered so as to ward off particles of dust.  Once it has completely dried, remove the adhesive paper tape.

paso 7

8. Once it has dried, gently sand the edges of the canvas to remove any remaining finish glass and to leave the surface smooth and event.

paso 8

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